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After two months of discussions, examining demonstration vehicles, and meeting with manufacturers, in July 2010 the members of the Dickson City Community Ambulance voted to begin the process of purchasing two identical Ford “Field Duty - 160” Type III ambulances from the Medtec Ambulance Corporation of Goshen, Indiana.  These ambulances were ordered through Chris Woolfolk at our local Medtec dealer, Glick Fire Equipment.

These two vehicles were carefully designed by our members to meet our needs taking into consideration patient care, safety, and ease of use.  They feature Ford E-450 diesel chassis, LED lighting inside and out, and more storage space than our previous ambulances. These new trucks were delivered in February 2011 and were placed into service in March 2011.  Currently, these trucks are rotated daily to allow for even wear and tear.




In October 2007 the members of the Dickson City Community Ambulance saw the need for an additional vehicle for use by the Association.  It was decided that this vehicle would have several purposes.  First, it would primarily be used as a quick response vehicle for medical emergencies as a supplement to the ambulances.  Second, it will carry the supplies necessary to operate a basic rehab operation at a fire scene allowing at least one of our ambulances to be free for other emergencies in the boroughs.  Third, it would be used as a utility vehicle for Association errands, and for transporting members to training classes.  Additionally, it was decided that this vehicle must be four-wheel-drive to avoid limited use during adverse weather conditions. 

After much research, and several test-drives, the members found that a Ford Expedition EL 4x4 would suit the Association's needs.  In December 2007, The Dickson City Community Ambulance Association purchased a 2007 Ford Expedition EL from Warnock Fleet of East Hanover, NJ.  In the months that followed, it was lettered, outfitted with communications equipment, and stocked with virtually all the medical supplies our ambulances carry.  It was then inspected by the PA Department of Health, and was completely ready for service in April 2008.




In January of 2002, we took delivery of the first of two identical 2002 Ford McCoy Miller dual wheel "mini mod" ambulances, from Vickery and Co. of Summit, NJ.  This first ambulance, labeled Unit 2, was lettered, inspected, licensed, and then placed into service in March of 2002.  Unit 2's sister truck, Unit 1 was delivered in September of 2002 and was placed into service about two months later.  Each truck is set up identically, inside and out, to allow for easy interoperability.