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◊ Listening Notes ◊

  • You may notice long periods of silence....this is normal.

  • The stream is fed from a base radio located at our station at 2 Eagle Lane in Dickson City.  (Click here for a map).  You may hear one sided or static filled transmissions.

  • The priority is usually set at Lackawanna County Ambulance Primary.  This can change at anytime as it "field programmable" and may be altered by somebody listening at the station.

  • Currently, the frequencies programmed in the scan pattern are:

                Lackawanna County Ambulance Primary (155.295)

                Lackawanna County Fire (154.310)

                Lackawanna County Police Zone 2 (154.815)

                Dickson City Local (155.775)

                Dickson City Fireground "Tac 2" (153.770)

  • Each area in Lackawanna County is assigned a "venue". Each town then uses the venue number to identify their emergency vehicles.  The following is a general guideline of the numbering system.

                 Police units are suffixed by 1-6

                 EMS units are suffixed by 7-9

                 Fire units are prefixed by their unit type (i.e.: Engine, Ladder, Rescue, Tanker, etc.)

  • Not all areas have their own police, fire or ambulance. 

                 For example:

                       Archbald Police, Fire and EMS also cover Sturges and Eynon

                       Old Forge EMS also covers Taylor

                       South Abington Police also cover Clarks Green

  • If you have any further questions, email us and we will do our best to answer them